Efest Purple 35A 3700mAh 21700 Battery

Efest Purple 35A 3700mAh 21700 Battery Ireland

Seat Test outcomes: Efest Purple 35A 3700mAh 21700…only 30A however an incredible entertainer, like Golisi S35. Primary concern: This is an extraordinary performing Efest Battery yet it keeps running at near 90°C at its 35A consistent rating. This is excessively hot as I would like to think for tolerable cycle life as most cells say not to surpass 75°C-80°C.

I don’t know why Efest chose to overstate the rating however it was totally superfluous.

Purple Efest re-wrap 20700 Battery 35A and 3700mAh capacity

As a matter of fact, I do know why…our fixation on high evaluating numbers. I simply don’t care for that these organizations bolster into that rather than simply demonstrating to us it’s an incredible performing 30A battery.

This present Efest 21700 appearance and execution is fundamentally the same as the Golisi S35 battery however sufficiently extraordinary that I can’t state they are a similar cell. The Golisi is somewhat better entertainer at bring down current levels however the Efest indicates less voltage hang toward the begin at 30A.

I am assessing the appraisals for this Efest to be 30A and 3700mAh.

The 30A rating holds its temperature down nearer to as far as possible utilized by different cells.



Efest 35A 3700mAh 21700 Battery Full Details
All details about Efest Purple 35A 3700mAh 21700 Battery
Efest Purple 35A 3700mAh 21700 Battery Full Test
Pull test result for Efest Purple 35A 3700mAh 21700 Battery

Two cells were acquired for the motivations behind testing by me.

Test report: https://bit.ly/2H8ybk6

These tests just note the assessed evaluations for these batteries at the time I tried them. Any battery that isn’t a honest to goodness Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, or Sanyo can change whenever! This is one of the risks of utilizing “rewrapped” batteries or batteries from different producers so deliberately look into any battery you are thinking about utilizing before obtaining.

Abusing or misusing lithium-particle batteries can represent a Genuine Danger of individual damage or property harm. They are not intended to be utilized outside of an ensured battery pack. Never surpass the battery’s consistent current rating and keep the plastic wrap and best protecting ring in consummate condition.

Any evaluating in the tables can change whenever as various review cells show up available or we get overwhelmed with fakes. If it’s not too much trouble never accept that the appraisals in the table are perpetual and will never show signs of change! Continuously download the most recent form before considering any phone buy.

To perceive how different batteries have tried look at this connection: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/gathering/blog-section/rundown of-battery-tests.7436/

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