Efest Purple 35A 3700mAh 21700 Battery

Seat Test outcomes: Efest Purple 35A 3700mAh 21700…only 30A however an incredible entertainer, like Golisi S35. Primary concern: This is an extraordinary performing Efest Battery yet it keeps running at near 90°C at its 35A consistent rating. This is excessively hot as I would like to think for tolerable cycle life as most cells say not to surpass 75°C-80°C.

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Vapcell Gold 30A 3100mAh 20700 Battery

Bench Test Results: Vapcell Gold 30A 3100mAh 20700…a great 30A battery, beats VTC5A and 5-leg top contact 20700’s

Bottom Line: This cell was a joy to test. It performed well, both its continuous current and capacity ratings are accurate, and only the continuous current rating is on the wrap of the cell.

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