Basics Battery Information for Vapers

All about vape batteries

Basic Information about batterys for Vapers

All basic information about batterys which you have to know to use safe

Battery Basics for Vapers Ep1 has been re-uploaded to my Battery Mooch YouTube channel. Some audio glitches last time, almost gone now.

This is the first in a series of videos for newer vapers and those transitioning from regulated to unregulated E Cigarette Mods and vice versa. Or, just anyone who wants to learn more about batteries.

Episode 1 covers thirty-four battery related vaping words and phrases.

Enjoy 🙂

One thought on “Basics Battery Information for Vapers”

  1. Very interesting, very informative and very helpful. I’m just when it comes to batteries but since I’m a vaper now I feel responsible for handling my devices in the safest way possible. Education is key – as always, with everything. And now I’m off to YouTube for some more videos from Mooch…

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